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Our Team


pailin wedel

Pailin works on documentaries that focus on themes of faith, trauma and adaptation to the modernity.  Aside from her television work with channels including Al Jazeera English and ABC Australia, she also regularly films pieces for The New York Times, National Geographic, Monocle and the Wall Street Journal. Before diving into the freelance, she was the Asia Interactive producer for the Associated Press where she directed online visual and interactive coverage for the region.

She began her career as a photojournalist (stills) in 2004 at a newspaper in the U.S. but quickly fell in love with video narratives and taught herself video production. In her spare time she teaches short courses on video and mobile journalism and contributes to the acclaimed Instagram feed @everydayasia.

Patrick Winn

Patrick Winn is a journalist and documentary producer based in Southeast Asia. Much of his work focuses on guerrilla conflict, the narcotics trade and black markets. Winn has received the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award (also known as the “poor man’s Pulitzer”), a National Press Club broadcast award and a Human Rights Press Award in the “television and film” category.

His writing and short documentaries have been featured on NBC News, The Atlantic, GlobalPost, NPR and other outlets. Winn also served as field coordinator for the debut episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. Filmed in Myanmar, it won multiple Emmys.

Winn is currently Public Radio International’s Asia correspondent, primarily appearing on PRI’s The World. The program, co-produced by the BBC, is broadcast on NPR affiliate stations across America and is heard by more than 2.5 million listeners each week.



Mark Dobbin ACS

Mark is an award-winning freelance Director of Photography with more than 20 years’ experience filming around the world. Currently based in Thailand, Mark’s craft has seen him based in Australia, the United Kingdom, London, and China. He has experience in all genres of television but shines with long form documentaries. His awards cabinet includes the Quill award for best camerawork in 2004, a Golden Tripod award at the ACS awards in 2013 for the 101 East Documentary "Battling the Yakuza," two Gold Awards in 2013 at the ACS awards for “Restoring Rangoon,” and “East Timor Coffee.”