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South Korea's Gender War

Reported and directed by Pailin Wedel

South Korea's Gender Wars - 101 East In Korea, the murder of a young woman in the affluent Gangnam district has ignited a vicious public debate about the country's entrenched misogyny. Feminists blamed Korea's gender inequality and took to the streets which sparked counter protests from men's rights defenders who felt men were unfairly attacked.

Myanmar: Free and Fair? 

Reported and directed by Pailin Wedel

Just four years ago Myanmar released hundreds of political prisoners and promised to embrace democratic reforms. But once again the number of students, activists and journalists jailed is rising. We follow two women activists faced with persecution even as Myanmar prepares for the polls.

Asia's Meth Wars

Reported and directed by Patrick Winn

From its hilltops to the tropics, Asia’s go-to drug is now methamphetamine.

Far more than a party drug, meth is sought by factory hands and office drones alike. Go-getters powering Asia’s economies rely on meth to zap fatigue. Millions seek out its speedy euphoria — a high suited to a region powered by frantic labor.

This investigation into Asia’s billion-dollar meth underground reveals that this drug isn’t just produced by mere gangsters. Many of the meth trade’s key players are, in fact, armed groups overseen by Myanmar’s military.

Thailand's Tainted Robes

Reported and directed by Pailin Wedel

As scandals involving misbehaving monks rock the nation, 101 East examines if Thailand can save its moral soul.

Promise & Peril

Reported and directed by Patrick Winn

"Promise & Peril" is a 30-minute documentary reported from some of Myanmar's most blighted places: toxic mines, heroin-ravaged jungles and crumbling colonial cities where child labor is obscenely common. The doc is a tag-team production with investigative reporting by GlobalPost Senior Correspondent Patrick Winn and cinematography by Jonah Kessel, a Pulitzer Prize-winning videographer who shoots for the New York Times.

Vanishing Sea Tribe

Reported and directed by Pailin Wedel

On Thailand's tropical Surin Islands lies one of the world's fastest disappearing cultures.

The Moken, a nomadic sea tribe that has roamed the Andaman sea for centuries, are in a desperate fight to keep their traditions alive. Having survived the 2004 tsunami by recalling their ancestors' cautionary tales, the winds of modernity are now proving a greater threat to their way of life.

Red Light Jihad: Thai Vice Under Attack

Reported and directed by Patrick Winn

"Red Light Jihad: Thai Vice Under Attack" is a short documentary on jihadi attacks against sleaze in Thailand’s southern borderlands. Much of the video focuses on Sungai Golok, a surreal sex tourism hotspot that Thailand’s tourism authorities don’t like to talk about. It’s a little bit Tijuana and a little bit Kabul — a party town raging in the middle of an Islamic insurgency.