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Our History

Our History



TwentyFifty Productions is a small documentary team based in Bangkok. 

TwentyFifty primarily focuses on Southeast Asia. We’re rabidly curious people obsessively chasing powerful stories. Our past work has focused on monks, jihadis, vigilantes, political prisoners and sea gypsies and others. 

We are journalists, first and foremost, but we seek to rise above Western journalism’s worst habits. In lieu of reports hastily assembled from cheap stereotypes, we try to present our subjects with complexity. 

Asia in the 21st century is a privilege — and we take pride in illuminating the lives of people who are too often ignored.

As for our name? TwentyFifty alludes to the year 2050, right in the the center of the unfolding Asian century. Human civilization's center of gravity is moving east — and yet Western societies still fail to grasp the immensity of this shift.

So we're here to tell Asian stories, decipher Asian conflicts and expose the often-overlooked links between Asia and the West. Our storytelling offers a glimpse at the world to come.